5 Kinds of Prophetic Utterances

Prophet words can deal with past, present, future and even conditional situations. There are several different kinds of prophetic utterances that we, as spirit-filled believers, must be open to.

He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.

Psalm 107:20 (ESV)

1. Confirmation

Prophetic words that bring confirmation builds faith and removes doubt. An example of a word of confirmation, “You’re where God wants you to be”.

2. Fresh

A “fresh” word is something completely new that surprises the recipient of the prophetic word. Usually, words of confirmation confirm these “fresh” words.

3. Warning

Words of warning are purposed to keep the recipient of the prophetic word from unexpected danger. Additionally, words of warning may also include prophetic instruction that foretell the nature of future events.

4. Deliverance

Words of deliverance reveal hurt, rejection, offense, sickness and they receive healing and restoration.

5. Correction

Words of correction propel individuals to walk in maturity. Apostles and Prophets are known to release words of correction to individuals and leadership of the church. Correction is needed to ensure that we remember the importance of having a fear of the Lord and walking in obedience.

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