6 Signs That You Are Suffering With A Spirit of Rejection

The spirit of rejection causes individuals to feel unworthy and unwanted. It’s side kick is the spirit of “self–pity”, which intentionally drives people away. Usually, these spirits, in conjunction, cause individuals to miss divine assignments and connections because of their feelings of unworthiness that can evolve into envy and jealousy.

So here are 6 signs that you may be suffering with a spirit of rejection:

1. You constantly compare yourself.

Comparison quenches individuality and promotes envy. It’s impossible for you to be someone else.....fully. Individuals who have under gone sex change surgery still deal with thoughts of rejection because they are seeking identity in preference/feelings rather than the person of Jesus Christ. Moreover, it’s impossible to be someone else other than yourself. If you don’t like yourself, then change your lifestyle and habits. More importantly, seek the face of God concerning what he says about you.

Check out my previous article on jealousy and envy to get a better understanding of the consequences that it brings.

2. You justify self-isolation

If you reject people, people will reject you. The enemy loves to feed you lies that will cause you to remove yourself from your community. It’s a trick from the enemy to try to destroy your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

3. You believe God has rejected you

God has NOT rejected you. He earnestly desires to be in intimate relationship with you, but the enemy will tell you the opposite by twisting things in your mind. God wants to be close to you. Moreover, God wants you to just be YOU.

4. You always try to prove yourself in public

This is closely related to a spirit of affectation. When individuals go overboard to prove themselves in public, they set themselves up for failure and depression if they are not accepted. I’ve witnessed individuals embarrass themselves by trying to outshine others because of the spirit of rejection. Remember, the enemy wants you to be embarrassed so that you return to a pit of self-isolation and reject community.

5. No amount of encouragement is enough to convince you of your worth

There will be days where you won’t hear a compliment, when someone won’t like your post on your social media, when your leader overlooks you or when your significant other doesn’t affirm you. These are the days that you have to remember what God says about you. No one deserves endless praise but Yahweh. If you are in need of constant affirmation to know your worth, deliverance needs to take place.

6. You believe no one understands you

You are not the only one going through difficulty. Being in the presence of people that love God and you will provide a healthy space of edification and encouragement. Unfortunately, in these places of community, conflicts and situations may arise that can cause an individual who suffers from a spirit of rejection to isolate themselves from community because of their insecurities. In community, you will encounter individuals who have more than you, who are more attractive than you, who are more intelligent than you, who have longer hair than you, who has read more books than you, etc. Your insecurities will be tested and the spirit of rejection is hoping that you fail. Luckily, you serve a God that is for you and that understands your struggle. Remember, God is with YOU.

If you can identify with these six signs, don’t get frustrated. Conviction leads to confession, confession leads to repentance, repentance leads to deliverance and deliverance leads to freedom.

Pray for God to convict you of the negative patterns of self-sabotage that you may engage in.

Release offenses.

Increase your quiet time with God.

Stop striving.

Continue to build relationships with individuals who can hold you accountable.


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