Becoming the Confident Mom: Journey 2 When Scheduling “that time” Goes Wrong!

Hello beautiful people!! This is journey 2 of our “Becoming the Confident Mom” blog posts. Thank you for the feedback from our first blog post, “Becoming the Confident Mom: Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!” In that blog, we discussed the importance of a schedule in the home to maintain order. I also shared my current schedule with you all. If you have not read the first post, I would encourage you to go check it out and leave us feedback!

When I started working on this blog post, I was full of hope and excitement about the topic! I was optimistic about giving tips on how to spend time with your spouse while having children. I had a completely different title that was going to push my point! I could not wait to talk about how my husband and I have created ways to spend time together. But then... the past 2 weeks happened. My 5-month-old is teething and channeling his inner screams. My 2-year-old is having moments where he is wanting a little more attention from mommy and daddy (tantrums lol!). Oh! And my 3-year-old decided to jump off the bed and break her wrist. All of this while establishing a new schedule for my children’s learning time. So, basically, that “time with my spouse” that I was seeking did not happen the way I pictured it.

Was I in my feelings? Yes! I was missing my husband and I wanted to spend time with him. My husband and I like to watch movies at night when he comes to bed at night. Honestly by the time he would come to bed, I had no energy left for a movie. That movie ended up watching me. I was so discouraged. At that point, I did not even want to continue writing this blog. I felt that it would be hypocritical of me to think that I could advise anyone on something I was not excelling at. But I think that is the beauty of becoming the confident mom. EVERYTHING WILL NOT BE PERFECT. And then, the Lord brought some things to my attention. Last week, my husband and I started to randomly play the Wii together during the day for about an hour. My husband would also help with the kids during learning time in the mornings. We would all go outside with the kids before lunch. We were getting time in, but I was clouded by all the things I saw in front of me.

I have learned that every week is not going to look like the past 2 weeks have looked for my family. It will have different levels of “crazy”. My children have gone through cycles of different needs. Some weeks my husband and I have that scheduled time down to the minute. Other weeks we have to cherish the moments we have, even if they are few and far between. The reality is, we have small children. We are not freshly married with no children anymore. We have a whole family, so we must be strategic about the time we have together. And that includes cherishing those moment during “imperfect” weeks.

So, if I had a challenge to us moms this week it would be look out for those moments with your spouse that you may overlook. The togetherness we seek sometimes may be dressed differently than we thought it would be!

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