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Becoming the Confident Mom Journey 3: When You Still Have to be Mommy!

Hello everybody!!! Welcome to Journey 3 of Becoming the Confident Mom!! Thank you for

taking this journey with me as I grow and share the things I learn throughout my motherhood

journey. So…I know I have not posted a blog in a while. Almost 2 months to be exact. Let me

preface this post now, this will be a long one. I apologize now if my rambling gets out of hand.

Let’s talk about the month of July. It started off great. I had high hopes for the summer and

then I woke up one morning with a sore throat and a headache. I sent my doctor a message and then she suggested I call. I thought it was a sinus infection because the symptoms felt similar to a sinus infection. When I got the doctor on the phone we talked about my symptoms and she said that it did not sound like a sinus infection. She said it almost sounded like COVID. Well I immediately dismissed that in my head. She went ahead and ordered the test. The way it works here in Charlotte is a healthcare provider will call you and schedule your test. When they finally called me, the earliest they could get a test in for me was 7 days away. Which was annoying! I was feeling awful at this point. I just wanted the test fast so it could come back negative and they could give me antibiotics for a sinus infection. So, the next 7 days drug on. I was not well, and I never felt this way before. My symptoms started on a Tuesday and as the week progressed it seemed to be getting worse. By Saturday I lost my sense of taste and smell. Also, my 6-month-old started to become lethargic and fussier than normal. I took his temperature and he did have a fever. I was still in denial and thought he had just come down with the same“cold” I had. I did not have time to think it was COVID.

Fast forward to Monday and I am getting to the point soon. I took my son to the doctor and

they checked him for an ear infection, which he did not have. He was doing better at this point. A good friend of mine suggested I pray over him and he was fever free after that. The doctor did order COVID tests for all my children as well. I was still not feeling that great, so I called a different doctor and begged them to get me my antibiotics. It worked! I got my antibiotics and started to feel better. Meanwhile, hubby is starting to feel interesting. Guess he has that same “cold” that I had. Denial is a real thing yall. So Wednesday came and I took that awful COVID test. I feel like my nose was violated but that is another subject. My results were to come in a couple of days. My husband got his COVID test the next day. However, my husband’s results came an hour after he took the test. He was positive. Ummmm, what? He has COVID? So, at that point I knew I had it as well. I was stunned honestly. I had settled into my denial. I was feeling a little better but immediately started to feel anxiety. Were the kids ok? My baby? I know me and Brandon can handle this but my children? I cannot fully express how badly we both felt.

Let’s fast forward again to the following Monday. The kids got their awful COVID test. I think

they were mad at me for the entire car ride home. Both of my toddler’s tests came back

negative, but my 6-month-old’s test came back positive. There goes anxiety again. My 6-month-

old was feeling better. He just had a little cough. He was okay. I just felt anxiety about the fact

that my little baby had coronavirus. It was a helpless feeling. He recovered well though. God

really protected our family during this. We also had prayers from all sides of our families!

The reason I titled this "When You Still Have to Be Mommy" is because throughout this whole ordeal I could not discontinue being mommy to my children and wife to my husband. I still had to cook, bathe the kids, clean up their toys, pump, change my non potty trained boys, etc. I am not going to lie IT WAS DIFFICULT. And since my 2 toddlers did not have the virus, my husband and I did not know if we should isolate ourselves from them or how to do that. We honestly did not know what to do. Also, I had a wonderful schedule brewing for the children and now I am having to regroup. This took us for a loop. However inconvenient it was we got through it!! So many times as mothers we do not know what we are capable of. Yes, we need help on this journey, but I believe God has given us special strengths especially during times of crisis. Do not be discouraged when a storm comes. You have the strength in you to endure and conquer whatever you face.

I know I deviated from my norm today so thank you for taking the time to read!


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