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"I'm Tired of Waiting on God!"

God does all things in his time.

Just wait on Him.

He may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said one of those phrases to me, I’d be Bill Gates rich. Let’s be honest, waiting on the Lord sounds beautiful until you are put into a predicament that you are challenged to wait. There will be seasons of life when things won’t look the way that you want them to look. These harsh realities can build discontentment in the heart that will lead you to question if God really cares about you at all.

Can I be honest with you?

I hate waiting for anything. Food, the next season of Stranger Things, for my next appointment… I just hate waiting. I am a planner to the extent that my plans have plans. I can literally create a way of escape because I’m an expert at making things work. Because I am at expert at making things work, I am terrible at letting things be out of my control.

I'm sure you can relate on some level.

And maybe, like me, you’ve found that this is the root of your anxiety. At some point, you deliberately stopped trusting that God would be God in an effort to control things. In the end, you made a big mess because you were led by your heart and not by the leadership of the Holy Spirit. If you have been battling with disappointment and discontentment, welcome to being a son/daughter of God.

Here are some things we must be mindful of:

Patience teaches us discipline

Patience is a type of pain that is actually good for us. It’s the discipline of giving up what you want now for what’s best for you in the end. A lack of patience tends to make us look for the nearest shortcut. Trust me: shortcuts are really delays in disguise. It is my prayer that you develop the fruit of self- control that will enable you to demonstrate restraint when your flesh makes impulsion look better than obedience. If you decide to be led by impulsion:

You’ll start the ministry prematurely.

You’ll marry Mrs. Wrong or Mr. Wrong.

You can end up being stuck in the wrong career…. for years.

You’ll be stuck with a car that stays broken.

Moral of the story: trust this process. You don’t have to like it right now, but you’ll appreciate it later.

You need this season more than you realize.

Every season has a purpose. Even if you don’t fully realize your purpose, are you embracing the process? God wants to know if you can be faithful in the valley in the shadow of death. Keep in mind, patience is not a punishment, it’s preparation. Whether you realize it or not, God is using “the wait” to equip you. Don’t become so bitter about your present condition that you forget your purpose by dwelling in a self-inflicted wilderness.

Don’t get too comfortable.

It. Won’t. Always. Be. Like. This. Remember, seasons are temporary. Only crazy people wear winter coats in the summer, right? Wrong. People who don’t sense the change of the season wear winter clothes in the summer season. Expect the season to change. Prepare for the change. Believe the hype. Good things are coming.

Your sis,

Dee Evans

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