Jezebel Spirit Characteristics

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Here are a few indicators that you may be dealing with a Jezebel Spirit (and wearing red lipstick is NOT a characteristic of a Jezebel spirit :

▫️The Jezebel spirits lusts for power and control. It has a need to dominate and will use coercion and manipulation to do so.

▫️Jezebel spirits love to use emotional outbursts to avoid correction. This may also include false victimization.

▫️Has an uncanny need for attention and platform presence.

▫️Uses pawns to fulfill it’s agenda. This may include preying on weak minded people to stir gossip and confusion. In other words, it enlists the help of others to do it’s dirty work.

▫️Speaks in logical fallacies when confronted. When confronting a Jezebel spirit, the subject may be changed 9 times over the course of 5 minutes. This type of confusion keeps them undiscovered. Don’t fall for it. Pay close attention to the words they release, it will always reveals their real agenda.

▫️This Spirit loves to “one up” leaders. It feels threatened by anyone who can potentially steal their spotlight. For example: if you can tie your shoe well, a person that is led by a Jezebel spirit will always comment that they can do it better. If you can run fast, they can run faster. Get it? This is synonymous with arrogance.

▫️Will attempt to use the element of surprise to be in control and intimidate their target. This is also a form of manipulation.

▫️Jezebel spirits are vengeful. They do not like to be questioned or wrong. If you contradict them, you will become a target of their retaliation. This spirit will stop at nothing to destroy a church’s reputation or an individual’s reputation.

▫️This spirit is skilled in the art of deflection. It will try it’s hardest to make their target look like a Jezebel. Those that have the gift of discerning of spirits will be able to decipher which party is authentic.