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The Benefits of Joining a Online Book Club

Online book club is a discussion hub where individuals can join and discuss books, authors, writing with other members of the hub. It's an excellent way to discipline your mind, learn a new skill, explore new authors, and mature in your healing journey. I've come up with three reasons why you should join an online book club... here we go!

  1. You'll be able to talk to like-minded people

Sometimes, all you need is common ground to form a relationship. Books are a safe common ground for discussion, growth, and the formation of an intellectual opinion.

You get to share your opinion

You might undervalue your own opinion about certain subjects, but your opinion might be worthy for others. Online book clubs are a great place where you can share your view on a subject and deliberate further. Moreover, it is a great place to discover alternate opinions and rebuild your own.

You can become more social.... off of "social media"

Yes, there are plenty of social media options available like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but you have to have a life off of social media. Issues arise on social media when the information being shared is muddled up or too generic with a downside of having to deal with advertisements. The Confident Woman Book Club is meant to be an escape from the noise and chatter. Trust me, this space is worth investing your time in!

I read a minimum of two books per month, I get that from my grandmother. It's rare that I have the opportunity to discuss some of my reads with other people because they are always reading something different! The Confident Woman Book Club is a online community where the common ground is faith and a commitment to healing.

Sometimes, discussions about the sentiments of our hearts can be heated, thats why I have a moderator for the group! **Drum roll please** Bethany Pierce will be moderating our discussions and hosting a few virtual meetings. If you have prayer requests or questions, email her at

I can't wait to interact with you!

To learn more about the book and to join the book club, click here.


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