March Journal Prompts

Day One: What are your top 10 goals for this month?

Day Two: What matters most in your life?

Day Three: Are you really happy? If not, what are you going to do to find your happiness?

Day Four: What is the last thing God spoke to you? How have you responded?

Day Five: List 5 things that you are passionate about.

Day Six: What aspects of your life do you need to mature in? Be blatantly honest.

Day Seven: If one more day was added to you this week, what would you do with it?

Day Eight: What a letter to God about what’s frustrating you.

Day Nine: Write about a social media post that you have seen recently that has inspired you.

Day Ten: Write a letter to your significant other (or your potential significant other).

Day Eleven: List 5 emotions that you are feeling right now.

Day Twelve: What are 3 qualities that you admire in others?

Day Thirteen: Write about something you need to do more often.

Day Fourteen: Summarize the core message of the last book that you’ve read.

Day Fifteen: List 7 people that you would like to pray for.

Day Sixteen: What is God trying to teach you in this season of your life?

Day Seventeen: Write about the last shift that took place in your life.

Day Eighteen: How close are you to accomplishing the goals you set on day one?

Day Nineteen: Do you have an inner circle of friends that you trust?

Day Twenty: What does loving someone while keeping healthy boundaries look like?

Day Twenty-One: Write about a passion or hobby you love that makes you happy.

Day Twenty-Two: Is it hard for you to accept God’s grace?

Day Twenty-Three: Do you believe that God is really a good father?

Day Twenty-Four: List 20 things that you love about yourself.

Day Twenty-Five: Write a letter of forgiveness to the person who hurt or disappointed you?

Day Twenty-Six: What’s the best piece of advice you have received this month?

Day Twenty-Seven: List the highs and lows of this month and a good habit that you would like to start.

Day Twenty-Eight: Take a social media break for the day and then write about your experience.

Day Twenty-Nine: How can you take better care of yourself?

Day Thirty: Make a list of the small victories you received this month.

Day Thirty-One: Write out a declaration of faith for next month.

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