Prophetic Word For July 2018

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

July 2018 which is the month of Tammuz on the Hebrew Calendar. Tammuz runs June 13 – July 12th, and it has quite a bit of spiritual significance. Tammuz is the month when the Israelites built the golden calf (Exodus 32:1-5). Interestingly enough, Tammuz is also the month when the golden calf was destroyed.

How does this relate to you? I’m glad you asked!

July is the month where the idols that we have erected in our life will be destroyed. The Lord showed me that many individuals have built idols because of their frustration with him. It’s a dangerous thing to allow idolatry to pseudo-soothe our lack of patience and self-control. I also heard the Lord say, “the idols are coming down by force”. For those of you that struggle with choosing between your idol and God, your idol will prove to be lackluster in July.

Specifically, I heard the idol of “intellectual supremacy” will be destroyed. If you are reading this blog and you know me personally, you know I love books and rhetoric. Even in the knowledge that I have attained, I willingly admit that I haven't even scraped the surface of the mind of God. Furthermore:

I don’t care how many degrees you have received.

I don't care how many churches you may have planted.

I don't care how many countries you have been translocated to.

I don't care how accurate your prophetic words are.

You are not more intelligent than God.

While this may seem elementary to the mature Christian, even seasoned Christians have a tendency to forget that the Holy Spirit is an intelligent P E R S O N. Your need to know your next step or compartmentalize your current situation will become an idol if you don’t practice the art of surrender. Keep this in mind, when your thoughts and complaints transmogrify into intellectual gods in rebellion against God’s plan and timing, you are in idolatry.

"If we exalt money, status, or sex above the Word of God, we are living in idolatry. Every time we inwardly submit to the strongholds of fear, bitterness, and pride, we are bowing to the rulers of darkness. Each of these idols must be smashed, splintered, and obliterated from the landscape of our hearts."

- Francis Frangipane


The things you struggled to accomplished for the past six months will be completed in July. I kept hearing the Lord say the phrase “acceleration”. It sounds cliché, but I see ministries and businesses moving at warp speed. July – December will go extremely fast. Fortunately, the confirmation of many promises will be experienced in the coming months .

Now is the time to release excess baggage because it’s extremely difficult to move at an accelerated pace when you’re overWEIGHT.

You’ve waited for this.

You’ve fasted for this.

Release the dead weight and soar.

It’s time.

Hope Fulfilled

The Lord showed me that many individuals have been living in a season where their hope has been deferred. Trust me, I know how difficult it is to worship from a place of perceived defeat. But God is going to exceed your expectations and resurrect dead dreams. Keep your eyes on the hills (Psalm 121) so you can get out of the valley.

Aerial View

In the middle of the process, it’s hard to look up. It’s in our nature to look around at our surroundings.