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Why Your Insecurities Are Dimming Your Light

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Comparison is not only the thief of creativity, it is the foundation insecurity. Keep in mind that insecurity is deeper than wishing you had someone else’s hair, life or influence. Insecurity is uncertainty and anxiety about oneself that can be projected onto

others. Insecurity opens the door to jealousy, resentment, competition, sabotage, procrastination, anxiety and paranoia.

I’ve seen insecurity destroy ministries, relationships, businesses...and friendships. Insecurity prohibits individuals from living their best life because most of their days are spent in comparison and depression.

Here are some things to keep in perspective:

1. You can not be bothered by someone else’s blessing a

nd expect to be at peace.

2. Your confidence can not found in the affirmation and attention you receive from others.

3. God can favor who he wants to without your permission.

4. I love altar calls and deliverance ministry. But if you consistently battle depression and anxiety because of insecurity issues, you need a therapist.

5. If social media is feeding your insecurity, delete it.

6. Mind games can lead to spiritual death.

7. God made you and he is PROUD of his work.

My prayer is that you find a life BEYOND insecurity. There is such happiness and joy in your lane that you can only receive by staying in it!


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