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Surrendering In The Midst of Trouble

Surrendering In The Midst of Trouble


Surrender is a practice that is commonly misunderstood in Western thought and religious institutions. Surrender is an invitation to become awake, aware and open to what is unfolding around us without the presence of human control and manipulation. While “giving up” is widely held as the practice of surrender, that definition is not sufficient in exemplifying the beauty of the process of surrender. Through discipline and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can pause our striving to control.. and we surrender. We cease in our desires to change or manipulate the situation and simply become present.


In this four part guided meditation series entitled “Surrendering In The Midst of Trouble”. You will learn how to:


  • Surrender
  • Strengthen Your Focus
  • Calm Your Mind
  • Listen to the Spirit of Wisdom
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