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When Things Don't Go As Planned

Almost five years ago, I had this crazy idea to have a women’s event that encompassed Jesus, make-up, fashion, and… Jesus. I had everything planned. I contacted all the make-up artists, the boutique owners, the venue coordinator and the potential speakers. Every person that I reached out to9 was excited to be apart of this event, and this made me ecstatic! Then…. Everything hit the fan.

Just one month before the event, every single person I contacted to be apart of this event called and canceled. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. I was literally crushed because things didn’t go as planned (hint: the title of this blog). As a result of all shenanigans, I canceled the event all together. I never rescheduled. I just moved on from that failed attempt all together.

Years later, I now realize how that incident has affected my ability to step out on faith in entrepreneurship. I’ve hosted a plethora of events since then, but I’ve been extremely close to canceling pretty much all of them. Why? Because seems to go as planned!

Realistically, life doesn’t have to revolve around our rules. Things just happen. Cars break down. People are late for events. Friends say things that hurt you. Work relationships fall apart. Like I said, things happen! In light of the spontaneity of life,I want to share three things with you that will you cope with the unexpected detours of life.

1. Don’t Panic

I know. This is easier said than done. I’m a dramatic, so this parti point is something that I have to say to myself OFTEN. God knows the future. He’s not surprised. Matter of fact, God has everything planned out. Unfortunately, the enemy loves to distract us from the path that God has outlined for us.

Distractions and all sorts of detours can really sabotage God’s timeline for our life. But remember, GOD IS NOT SURPRISED. Even if it doesn’t make sense, don’t panic and do something stupid. Use Godly wisdom and seek wise counsel. Inconveniences, whether they be minor or major, will not end your life. Breathe. You’re going to be fine.

2. Don’t be angry

The temptation to be angry will always be present when things don’t go our way. There’s no sin in being angry, but it’s REAL easy to sin when you’re angry. Plus, anger can delay the outcome that you desire. I’ve seen the wisest people can the dumbest decisions in two emotional states of mind: anger and rejection.

The temptation to live in anger disappears in the presence of God. So, be intentional about staying in the presence of God.

3. Give God some time

Be patient. God is not bound by time, humans are. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, …He makes all things beautiful in time. Time is on your side because God created time, and he’s on your side. Of course, there are circumstances that you will encounter simply because you ran out of time. That’s why detours and delays are dangerous. Fortunately, God is a redeemer of time. God is a restorer of time. It’s safe to say that your plans are safe in the hands of a God that has the WHOLE WORLD in his hands.



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