When You Feel Like God Isn’t There For You

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I’m unashamed to admit that I have encounter situations where I questioned God. Now, I’m not giving you the liberty to start a protest group against God and his ways, but I will admit that I’ve done my fair share of complaining. In retrospect, some of my breakdowns are just down right embarrassing.

I’ve had full blown temper tantrums and I’ve cried so hard that I lost my voice. No, I was having a psychotic break. No, I’m not mentally deranged. I just felt that God wasn’t there for me.

Most Christians won’t admit this, but I really don’t like when God decides to be silent. I like he when speaks about me... to me. That’s why I’m so grateful for technological innovation – actually I’m grateful for YouTube. I have playlist for every mood I’m experiencing. Secondly, I’m grateful for the Bible App. When I don’t feel like reading the Bible…. it reads to me.

But reader, there may be moments when you feel like God doesn't have your back. Maybe you feel overworked, overlooked, unloved or pushed to the side. I want to take a few moments to dispel the lies of the enemy concerning God’s faithfulness.

Blaming God Won’t Solve Anything

Skepticism only feeds the flesh. The doctrines of men do not always come from the wisdom of God, but from the harshness of the heart. Suffering is inevitable. Even if you have CIPA disease, you are not excluded from pain.

If you fall down the steps, you’re going to feel some pain.

When your parents die, you’re going to feel pain.

I suffer weekly became Chick Fil A isn’t open on Sundays. Just downright painful.

I suffer every time my alarm clock goes off for work. Bed ridden pain.

On a serious note, there are things in life that are unavoidable. And guess what, pain and suffering is one of them. Rabbi Kushner makes a convincing claim in this excerpt from the book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

All the responses to tragedy which we have considered have at least one thing in common. They all assume that God is the cause of our suffering, and they try to understand why God would want us to suffer. Is it for our own good, or is it a punishment we deserve, or could it be that God does not care what happens to us? Many of the answers were sensitive and imaginative, but none was totally satisfying. Some led us to blame ourselves in order to spare God’s reputation. Others asked us to deny reality or to repress our true feelings. We were left either hating ourselves for deserving such a fate, or hating God for sending it to us when we did not deserve it [1]

In this small blog post, I don’t have time to address the errors of popular theology, but I can address the notion that blaming God for everything will make things better. The presence of trials, hurt, pain, sickness does not denote the absence of God.

In Deuteronomy 31:6, God makes a promise to us that he will never leave us. Since when do we take the promises of God lightly? If you feel far away from God, it’s because you moved – not him.

Doubt causes separation.

Sin causes separation.

Procrastination causes separation.

Anxiety causes separation.

And guess what? God does not want to be separated from you. God wants to walk with you through every valley, even the valley of the shadow of death. He wants you to let him lead you. Remember, God knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, you don’t.

There is a strength that comes with knowing that God will be there when everyone else fades away. The enemy wants nothing more than too cause a war in your mind against the lover of your soul. I wish I could concretely state that, “God is more concerned with what’s going on around you”. I honestly don’t know if that is the truth. I honestly don’t know what God is more concerned with, but I do know that God’s intellect is much higher than ours. Just because it doesn’t make sense to us doesn’t mean that God has developed a mental illness.

Your Choices Have Consequences

Everything in life is cause and effect. You can pick your sin, but you can’t pick your consequence. Here’s the harsh truth: you are WHERE you are because of the choices that you made yesterday, last week, five months ago and even ten years ago. Thankfully, God gives us grace, but sometimes consequences have a lingering effect. Here’s an example:

Remember when you missed a few days