Welcome to the Promised Land: A Word for Influencers and Visionaries

Influencers defy boxes that society and religion will attempt to place on them. Influencers are designers, nurse practitioners, kitchen beauticians, lawyers, members of five fold ministry, etc. Typically, influencers do not have to create a platform for themselves because God has already set the stage.

For influencers, the warfare is never about their abilities because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Their warfare always surrounds seasons of promotion, opposition with the spirit of intimidation and obedience.


I’ve been writing immensely about promotion because I can literally feel it in the air. Influencers are experiencing promotion and while this should be an exciting time, this season also requires a succession of cumulative tests. Do not be surprised if you have to war against internal struggles and contrary spirits that you thought you had already overcome. It’s just a test.

While you are probably excited about sharing your plans for 2020 and beyond with others, be cautious. The season of promotion in YOUR life will trigger insecurities in others. This does not mean that you should refrain from flexing, because you’ve earned it, this means that you should be realistic about the people in your circle and circumference.

If you keep certain individuals around to feel better about yourself, those relationships are going to become toxic and emotionally draining. Make sure to take responsibility for your actions in prayer. Repent to God and ask for guidance and deliverance concerning your need to “belittle” to feel “better”.

If you allow certain individuals to remain around you and you know for a fact that they are not for you, they will eliminate themselves through senseless drama. Don’t be surprised when your enemies team up against you through passive aggressive activity. Just keep in mind, THIS IS A TEST. You will outlive every sinister thought, passive aggressive gesture, meme or sabotage that was sent to hurt you.

Nothing will harm you.

No one will harm you.

The individuals that God has assigned to your life for this season and the next will have your back privately and publicly. Trust this.

Spirit of Intimidation

One of the tactics of the enemy in spiritual warfare against the saints is to remain as anonymous as possible. During the Cold War, double agents inflicted huge amounts of damage because the system was being destabilized from inside. The enemy was hidden, unseen and was striking without warning. The weapon of deflection is how the enemy allows believers to be at odds with each other instead of practicing forgiveness and walking through the process of healing.

As an influencer, you have to remember that you will encounter individuals who are jealous of who and what you have, and they don’t realize it. Undisciplined church people hide jealousy through passive aggressive behavior and subliminal postings. Some will even form a support group with other jealous people to feel better about their malicious thoughts towards you and others like you. Do not allow their immaturity to provoke you. Do not allow the spirit of pride to convince you that you need to defend yourself.

Here are some examples of jealousy infused passive aggressive behavior:

  • Wistful Statements

“I wish I had that”.

“I wish I could buy clothes like that, but all my money goes to rent”

Comments like these (perhaps intentionally) make the receiver feel guilty for getting or doing whatever it is that they can’t.

  • Backhanded Comments

Jealousy and passive aggression also join forces. Instead of an individual conveying happiness for your success, instead the person will intentionally be rude.

For example: if you buy a house and your friend, whose nowhere near a down payment, calls your place a good “fixer-upper”....think twice.