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Reminders About Spiritual Abuse

  1. Spiritual abusers use guilt and shame to make you do what they want. It’s usually passive aggressive.

  2. Spiritual abusers use novices to control their victims through peer pressure to achieve a goal. This is the essence of religious bullying.

  3. Spiritual abusers word twist and gaslight you through the misuse of scripture and spiritual gifts to do their will.

  4. Spiritual abusers use prophecy and judgement to expose and shame you so that they can have control.

  5. Spiritual abusers will attempt to gaslight you into thinking you are crazy. Then use character assassination tactics to muzzle you.

  6. Spiritual abusers can’t admit fault but use the knowledge of others fault to cause fear and intimidation.

  7. Spiritual abusers create a culture of a popular “inner circle”. If someone raises a concern or speak the truth, they are put out of the clique and other inner circle people are afraid to speak up.

  8. Spiritual abusers convince people they can’t understand the deep things of God and need their “help”.

  9. Spiritual abusers make you feel like you can’t change churches or you’ll miss what God has for you.

If you've been spiritually abused, you can recover and fall in love with the church again. Process the past. Find your voice. Search the scriptures. Fall in love with scripture (and the proper context of scripture), commit to have a heart that forgives... and loves :).

Here are a few podcast episodes that will help you on your healing journey:


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